Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي San Bernardino Shows an Ideological War
Sam Ghandchi

سن برناردینو بیان جنگی ایدئولوژیک است

Less than a month since the Paris massacre by Daesh, death of more than 14 innocent civilians in San Bernardino shooting near Los Angeles is the latest casualty of an ideological war waged by Islamist extremism on secular civilization (1). Not only we have to condemn these atrocities, we need to ask why the methods to deal with this ideological war are not succeeding (2).


When looking at the experience of new immigrants in Europe and the US, subtle discrimination is a major contributor to individuals getting radicalized. It is an achievement in the West that the laws are very advanced and reject discrimination but the unfortunate result is that all discrimination has become subtle.


On the other hand, I need to tell those Muslims who are disgruntled by subtle discrimination in society and at their workplace in the West to know that this is not because of their religion, and the same is experienced by a Christian Mexican worker, an American Black youth or a non-muslim immigrant from the Middle East. In other words, this is not a religious war and is not just against immigrants. Actually the subtle discrimination even happens to a journalist like myself. The solution is not to be timid and explode like a bomb to hurt innocent people, the way to deal with the problem is to speak up over and over against subtle discrimination even if those in charge do not listen (3).

It is time that President Obama to address both sides of the story and stop talking as if the problem is about gun control. Those who suffer from subtle discrimination need support and quality legal support is expensive beyond their means and in its absence they respond to subtle discrimination with terrorism. The terrorists will get the weapons no matter what the gun control laws are. We need to address both the subtle discrimination and this ideological war of Islamist extremism. These calamities are tearing apart our societies from Middle East to Europe and the U.S.

Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic  in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher
December 4, 2015


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